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Our vision of hospitality is the result of a mixture of ancient traditions and customs of different peoples (Sicels, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Spaniards, French) that have reached and mixed in our land enriching it with a thousand facets, colors, flavors, scents and that are strongly rooted and found in our culture even today.

This is combined with the personal experience of travelers in many countries of the world, with different hospitality concepts we could certainly draw inspiration by, to broaden our vision of hospitality so that it becomes as widely as possible appreciated by our guests.
The name Dimore delle Zagare, conceived and intended from us with a specific meaning:

  • the dwellings (derived from dwelling) in its double meaning of permanence but also of something that remains permanently in the heart, in the soul of those who stay there;
    – the orange blossoms (żàgara, from the Arabic zahr: the flower of the citrus fruits) that immediately refer, only saying the word as the Madeleine of Proust in its Recherche du temps perdu, to scents, tastes and colors typical of our land and of which we are soaked since children.

The style of our Residences (the B&B and the Dépendance in Ortigia, the Villa at the sea) dictated by a well-defined choice: modern, essential but attentive to detail, comfort and tranquility of our guests.

All this, therefore, translates into our hospitality concept  that looks to tradition but also to modernity, which wants to be available but never intrusive, that wants to give the traveler the real perception of being welcomed in a place that can be the ideal background to his holiday and contribute to make this experience unforgettable in mind and soul.


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